New Construction

United Elevator Services is your source for a full range of new elevator equipment, from the latest Machine-Room-Less (MRL) products to conventional hydraulics; from high-rise gearless to mid-rise geared traction lift systems. We provide high quality, non-proprietary equipment to fit your buildings needs.

What does non-proprietary mean to you? As a building owner, it means you are not tied to a certain manufacturer for the life of your building.  With proprietary equipment, only the manufacturer can work on your elevators.  Since your service options are limited, you may not be getting the best plan at the best price for your particular needs.

For Architects, Builders and Developers, we at United Elevator Services still believe in personal service.  We will come to your office and listen to what you want in your building, review your plans, and then make recommendations.

After the sale, we continue working with the General Contractor from the pit up, to make sure your hoistway is built correctly.  As a merit shop company, we work with other trades to coordinate the work that revolves around your elevator installation. We maintain a good working relationship with the inspectors in all the areas in which we work, to insure a proper turnover of the equipment so it is ready to be put into service.

Passenger elevators, freight elevators, dumbwaiters, lifts, accessibility and residential products are all professionally installed by our factory-trained technicians.  At United Elevator Services we are not just installing equipment, we are starting a relationship with building owners, based on quality, for the lifetime of the building.

For drawings, specifications and quotations contact our sales group